A black cat with green eyes and a fluffy tail is lying on the floor holding a colourful toy.
September 12, 2019
An adorable pair of black and white kittens, both missing their right eye, sitting in a metal planter
Tommy & Snoopy
October 4, 2019

A shy kitten Dewey

A small black and white kitten is holding tight his human's hug

Dewey, a shy kitten, was rescued from the streets of Omonoia. He was found along with his two friends, Huey and Louie, in a high risk neighborhood. It was crucial that these kittens be moved to a safer place. At first they were sharing a crate due to lack of space but now they are being fostered at a house full of cats and a friendly dog. Therefore we are looking for adoptions urgently.

Dewey is about four months old, dewormed and vaccinated. All three kittens suffered from a respiratory infection when they were found but they are all healthy now, after receiving treatment. Dewey is a tuxedo cat with pink nose, white belly and adorable pink toe-bins! His fur is soft and he has a shy look that makes him irresistible!

Dewey gets along very well with other cats, kittens and dogs. He is a bit shy at first but once you earn his trust he loves being petted and loves taking long naps on your arms.

Ideally he would be adopted along with his buddies, or the family that adopts him should have another more confident cat to help him adjust. If interested in this shy kitten contact us by clicking the pink button below.