A tabby who lost her tail in a painful accident snuggles up to a human
Jolie, a cat who lost her tail after a painful accident
April 29, 2022
Two male kittens about 10 months old playing with a scratching post
Coucou and Roucou, two male kittens
June 9, 2022

Darth Vader, a huge black bear of a tomcat

A black bear of a tomcat, solid black except for one small spot of white and with golden eyes

A huge black bear of a tomcat, we heard Darth Vader’s heavy breathing coming from the shrubs before we actually saw him. After following the sound, there he was with a  heart-shaped face and a nasty case of cat flu.

Now neutered and in much better health, though he may have relapses as he is immuno-compromised, Darth is estimated at around 5 years of age. He is microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

He is a larger than life personality: friendly, confident and a bit clumsy, totally in everyone else’s space and unapologetic about that. Within about 10 minutes of arriving at his foster home he was sprawled on the sofa purring. He loves to hang out with people; his favourite thing is to lie across the keyboard or around your neck as you work, and he plays a lot in an exuberant, boyish way.

He has learned how to wear a harness and leash, in which he enjoys exploring the yard.

Unfortunately, he is unpredictable with other cats so he really needs to be homed as a single cat. We can envisage him getting along well with a cat-friendly dog.

If you are looking to adopt a big, affectionate, charismatic cat, Darth ticks all the boxes. Contact us to find out more! (Click pink button below.)