A cute black and white cat on the floor surrounded by her bed and toys
October 31, 2019
Two kittens, one grey and white, the other black & white held on a person's lap
Paloma & Nanaki
November 3, 2019

Cinder is a beautiful young cat found on the street alone. Our volunteer was looking for a lost Russian blue cat and found Cinder instead. We couldn’t but notice that she was friendly and sociable, clearly a home cat. The fact that she was already neutered makes us believe that Cinder was once someone’s pet.

She is absolutely gorgeous with her blue coat and piercing green eyes, very young, almost one year old, healthy and parasite-free. In addition she is well-mannered, gets along with other cats and people. A super friendly, tender and sociable cat. At the same time she is not hard to please and while being discreet she manages to win everyone with her kind and noble attitude.

The ideal family for her will love her forever and keep her safe. We think she would be perfect as an only pet companion or as part of a feline family. Cinder loves humans and would possibly be good with children as well. She will be given as an indoors cat only. If there is access to an outdoors space, there must be a net or a fence. This cat knew abandonment once, so this time we will make sure she ends up to the right hands. If interested in this royal beauty click the pink button!