Gray cat looking at camera
November 16, 2022
A beautiful cat, white with a calico tail and orange 'eye brows'
November 21, 2022
Cici is a white tabby cat who used to be a member of the port colony. Sadly one day our volunteer found her in a horrible state. She couldn’t even tell if our Cici was still alive as she was barely breathing. Thankfully it wasn’t too late and after intensive treatments for her respiratory infection this adorable girl recovered. Cici is now a gorgeous white cat with duzzling green eyes and a tabby marking in the shape of a heart right above her eye!
Her condition is chronic and might relapse from time to time, when stressed or if she parties too much with the other cats of the house! Cici is in a foster home since forever. Even though she came close to being adopted a few times, it never happened for her. We don’t want to see her changing foster homes forever. We truly hope that you will consider adopting this girl with the heart of gold.
Cici is such a sweet, well behaved girl that loves both cats and people. Even though it takes some time for her to trust you, she loves every cat she meets and is friendly with them from the start. She is very caring and sweet. This adorable white tabby managed to slowly earn the trust of the  resident cat at her foster home, who initially would not allow her to even sit next to her. Now they’re always sleeping together! She is always so careful when she plays so that she doesn’t hurt the other cats.
Cici will always greet her foster mum at the door when she comes back from work. She doesn’t like to get picked up or held, but shows her love by rubbing her head against you and following you around. She’s such a sweet girl that’s been through so much and she deserves to be in a loving home! For more information click the pink ‘Contact’ button below.