A gorgeous cat with a round face and huge cheeks is looking at us while sitting on a vintage chair comfortably.
November 14, 2022
Gray cat looking at camera
November 16, 2022


A gorgeous tuxedo kitten is posing for the camera while sitting comfortably inside a crate surrounded by toys.

Hello! I’m a tuxedo kitten who listens to… Charmer. As you can imagine I don’t have an official name just yet, but for the past months, I’ve been called a charming creature, hence the nickname! I’ve been spotted by a nice group of volunteers, while I was sitting alone, scared and unhealthily skinny. A little gremlin, some may say. They lured me with some food and kindly took me for a ride
to the doctor, where he took care of me, took out my rotten teeth, and I finally found my smile. A few words about me: I am a very good boy, a charmer like mentioned above, about 6 months old,
and I can safely say that I get along very well with people and other cats.

The volunteer who is taking care of me temporarily can vouch for that, as she has 3 other cats. I love hugs and caresses, and I am willing to share them with you! Alas, after saying all that, I have to admit that I am also the independent type. I go to my ‘sandy spot’ alone, and eat all of my food, even though I may be fussy at first.

And now I’m waiting for my forever home, so I don’t end up on the streets again. Be sure that I will fill the new home  my new family with an infinite amount of love and joy!