A fluffy grey-white cat with green eyes is sitting on a white knit blanket
July 8, 2022
Two grey-white kitties looking out of a cat cave
Tom and his Tsoureki
July 23, 2022

When some volunteers were crossing Mihalakopoulou St they noticed a cat in very  poor condition. Charlie was just skin and bones, mucous was dripping from his nose, his eye was cloudy and his ear folded. They managed to trap him and take him to our vets. He stayed at the clinic for 3 weeks due to heavy respiratory problems and dehydration. Now healthy and tested negative for FIV/FeLV, he’s ready to find his forever home. 

Charlie is a friendly and cuddly cat once he gets to know you and he gets along well with all other cats. He is very vocal. Not only does he love playing with his toys but he enjoys carrying them in his mouth while sitting on the balcony. Completely ready for a permanent home, he as been sterilized, treated for parasites and will be given vaccinated and microchipped to responsible humans. If there is a balcony it must be netted for his safety. For more information please click the pink Contact button below.