Cats from the cemetery sitting in cat cases on their way to the vet for neutering.
Helping paws from afar through donation for neutering programme
October 5, 2017
Two cats from a cat colony in the National Gardens, Bruce and Molly Sue in happier days, before their peaceful corner of the park became a target for dogs
Central Athens cat colony at risk of annihilation
December 9, 2017

‘Cat Tails’ book: The stories of 40 former Greek street cats

The evocative cover design of ‘Cat Tails’ book of cat stories

‘Cat Tails’ book is available through Nine Lives Greece

A purrfect present for cat-lovers, Nine Lives Greece presents ‘Cat Tails’, a book of happy-ever-after cat adoption stories.

On December 7, 2017, Nine Lives cat welfare charity launches its first book, a compilation of stories celebrating 40 former strays from Greece, now living as happy home cats.

Layout of the ‘Cat Tails’ book of cat stories

The book features the stories of adopted former street cats

Among the cats featured in ‘Cat Tails’ are tripawds Trinity, Batman and Robin; blind cats Sammy and Lucky (and one-eyed Scamp); golden oldies Greta and Gretchen; ‘perfect duo’ Kika and Amal; Maya and Leo who both defied all odds to survive and thrive; boat cats Charis and June Bug, and many more unforgettable feline heroes.

The stories are written by the cats’ adopters, describing how they decided to adopt (or how the cats decided to adopt them!), detailing how the cats adapted to home life after, in some cases, a lifetime on the streets, and sharing some of their cats’ likes, dislikes and finest moments.

Graphic designer Nancy Stathopoulou, who also creates the Nine Lives event posters, designed all the artwork for the book, including the evocative cover image.

The stories were compiled by Cordelia Madden-Kanellopoulou, co-founder of Nine Lives Greece. Photos were submitted by the adopters, or taken for Nine Lives by photographers Sofiana Psiachou, Alexis-Kimonas Kokkinaris, Carlo Raciti and Yiannis Mouzakitis.

The ‘Cat Tails’ book is available through Nine Lives Greece, priced at 12 euros per copy, with all profits directly helping stray cats in Athens through vet care, feeding and neutering.

To order your copy, please email