A fluffy calico, missing an ear, looks into the camera
Zoe, a fluffy calico
February 28, 2023


A silver-tabby lying on her side playing with a fluffy toy

World this is Candy, a gorgeous silver-tabby beauty. Candy these are our friends! Candy’s estimated date of birth is end-July 2022. She is lovely with other sociable cats and very cuddly with humans once she gets to know them – her favourite is when her person is lying down in bed so she can cuddle right up and purr loudly. Vertical humans can still scare her. Understandable, as she had a traumatic start, being shoved into a cage by someone and then thrown out in an Athens park to fend for herself between roaming dogs and passing cars.

Candy is vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. From time to time, her right eye gets tearful. This has been investigated by a veterinary ophthalmologist, who found that the tear ducts are blocked due to kittenhood trauma, but this is not something that is operable and will not cause her further problems or pain. Candy is looking for an experienced and patient person who will have at least another social kitty, to adopt her as a companion kitty. If that’s you, please contact us! (Click pink button below.)