A black and white male cat looking for a home is lying on a table
Robin, a male cat looking for a home
October 7, 2021
A cute black kitten is sitting comfortably on the rails of a balcony door.
Zeus, a young black cat
October 13, 2021

Brunie and Nora, two kittens looking for a home

Two kittens looking for a home look remarkable alike though the are not real siblings.

Brunie and Nora are 2 sweet kittens looking for a home. Brunie was released from a car engine after the car had be driving for 1 hour. We acted quickly and  fortunately, he survived. At first he was shocked but very soon he surrendered to the hugs and caresses. Not too surprisingly, Nora was also released from a car engine. Cats and kittens often climb into engines seeking a dark and warm hiding place. When Nora was freed, she immediately showed her wonderful character – calm, cuddly and very affectionate. 

Though they are not siblings, they look enough alike that they could be mistaken for clones!  Approximately 4 – 5 months old, they bonded in their foster home and now are seeking their forever home. For more information about this twin-like furry pair, click the pink Contact button below.