Two bonded cats looking at camera
Luke and Leia
November 11, 2022
A gorgeous cat with a round face and huge cheeks is looking at us while sitting on a vintage chair comfortably.
November 14, 2022


A pretty blind calico kitten is posing as if she can see right through us!

Blinky is a blind calico kitten who just turned 6 months old. Somehow, she managed to survive without eyesight until she was rescued during a TNR operation. Until then, she lived in a huge colony, full of not-neutered adults, struggling to find food to survive from the leftovers and bones people would throw.

Despite the rough start in her life, Blinky is an angel. She is tender and loving, trustful, adjust fast and loves playing. As with all blind cats, you can’t tell she is blind the way she moves and interacts with you. Blinky doesn’t need your pity, she needs love and admiration. Our sweet girl has a heart of gold and will fill your home with laughter and happy moments. Just give her the chance!

She is spayed, healthy and completely ready for her new family! If interested in this gem, please reach out by clicking the pink button below.