A tabby cat, found as kitten, looks at us from the back of a couch
August 13, 2017
Two lovely rescue cats curled up next to each other after they were adopted
Bonsai & Choco Fudge
August 13, 2017
Beautiful black cat with orange eyes stands on a balcony


Found abandoned as a kitten with a displaced and shattered pelvis; he seemed to have been badly kicked by someone.

“Blackie (formerly Vasilakis) lights up my life! I can’t wait to get home every day and see my beautiful golden-eyed boy. He’s a small chap with sleek black fur and a squeaky miaow who charms EVERYONE he meets, especially my mother who is officially besotted! Blackie loves chatting (we have had rather lengthy conversations about this and that) and he’s particularly partial to tuna flakes, running around like a maniac, chasing skirts and swiping pony-tails. But his greatest love is shoes. He plays on and in them, and just can’t keep away from them! He truly is the Carrie Bradshaw of the cat world. I wouldn’t be without him for anything!”

— Katharine, Blackie’s adopter