Two rescued cats that were born under a floor of a restaurant
Pinky and Ronan, two rescued cats
November 6, 2021
Two twin cats who are white with a bit of orange are snuggling on a white bed sheet.
Pipilas & Mpezes, the cuddliest twins!
November 12, 2021

Billy, a green-eyed panther

A black panther with green eyes is standing up looking somewhere while standing on the arm of a couch.

Billy is a panther with green eyes who was found in a hospital in Athens super skinny with a burst abscess. This adorable black cat was sterilized and his wound was surgically cleaned. Billy had to take antibiotics so he was hospitalized in a crate. Once his wound healed we just couldn’t relocate him as he had adjusted living indoors.

He is about 4 years old, FIV positive but with no symptoms. Our panther is very sociable, brave, he gets along well with other cats that are not bossy after he gets to know them but he could also be a single cat. Billy loves wet food, sitting on the balcony and following us around like a dog. He will be given microchipped, along with an adoption form to responsible humans. If there is a balcony, it has to be netted. If interested in this gorgeous young adult, contact us by clicking the pink button below.