An adorable black and white cat is looking into the camera while lying on a wooden floor.
A collector’s case
December 29, 2019
A tricolored lady cat from the streets of Athens sitting contentedly in a window of her new home
Aliki, a Lady cat from the streets of Athens
January 5, 2020

A cuddly cat named Ben

A chubby white cat with black markings is looking into the camera while lying on a colourful fluo bedsheet.

Ben is a cuddly, chubby cat that we rescued from a horrible situation. He was living with another 19 cats in a dark, filthy basement. No electricity, not even a ray of sunshine would reach their dark prison. On top of that, there was no clean water, no litter trays and no proper food.

To our surprise, Ben and all the other cats, have lovely personalities. He is a very friendly, sociable cat that will just take 3 steps before showing you his belly for rubs and petting! Ben gets along with humans and other cats as well. He is calm, quiet and easy to please. It is certain that he will become the best friend of the person who will adopt him. This cat is meant to be with people that need a loyal and friendly companion, as he cherishes every moment he gets to spend with people that love him.

Our cuddly cat has a soft spot for the opposite sex. He loves female cats and acts as a proper gentleman around them. He is gentle and protective which makes him a perfect companion for them. Ideally we would like him to be adopted with at least one of his best friends, Charlie or Princess. These cats are used to being with their own kind, so his adoptive family must have at last one more cat at home.

He had an operation to correct his entropion and even though we met him as a one-eyed cat, we are so happy that he now has both eyes functioning perfectly! Ben got his name from his rich fur that makes him look like a puffy teddy bear.

Our cuddly boy is 4 years old, neutered and healthy. If interesting in knowing more, do contact us by clicking the pink button below.