A gorgeous ginger cat is lying on a desk while the sun shines upon him.
A new life for senior Kiko
April 9, 2020
A fluffy and cuddly female cat stretched out luxuriously on a bed
April 30, 2020

Batida de Coco, cute as a coconut!

A gorgeous tabby kitten is lying half inside her cat cave and half out, while looking up. She is holding a pink flamingo toy.

My name is Batida but my friends call me Badi, as I’m such a cool cat. I’m a sweet tabby kitten rescued from a colony where all cats were sick, including me. I’m the only survivor of my litter. A lovely girl rescued me and another one is now fostering me and helps me get back on my feet. I love her so much!

My age is about 5 months old, and I’m so cute that I’m stealing more hearts than I can count, even if I use all my tiny toes! I have a mediterranean temperament so I enjoy my daily siestas. Once my batteries are full I love playing with my hoomans and of course with my favorite toy, my pink flamingo buddy!

There is a Greek song called Batida de Coco. It is a song about a broken heart, drinking her pain away at a bar. Even though she is hurt, she says it was all worth it. Just like that song, our very own Batida remains sweet as the coconut liquor even though she was found sick and fragile. A bit shy at first, but cuddly and gentle once she earns your trust. Will you give her the home she deserves? Click the pink button to express your interest.