A gorgeous tabby kitten is lying half inside her cat cave and half out, while looking up. She is holding a pink flamingo toy.
Batida de Coco, cute as a coconut!
April 29, 2020
An elegant ginger cat with lovely green eyes is lying on the bed while the sunbeam is bathing her slim figure.
Sunny Lola
May 18, 2020


A fluffy and cuddly female cat stretched out luxuriously on a bed

Babsi is a fluffy and cuddly female cat with only one eye. We don’t know what happened to the other one. She just showed up one day missing an eye, but she seems completely adjusted to it.

Though she is a little shy and scared when faced with new surroundings and people, after she’s adapted, she becomes one of the friendliest cats there is! As soon as you’ve earned her trust she constantly asks for cuddles, crawls onto your chest while you’re lying in bed and licks your hand while you pet her. Yes, she is a little needy when it comes to cuddles, but it’s lovely! Some of her favorite sleeping places include a big Ikea plastic bag, drawers and cardboard boxes, as well as out on the balcony where she usually spends the night.

Once she’s gotten used to a new place, she loves to play either by herself or with her human companion. At the moment she is living with another cat. She didn’t like him in the beginning, then she got used to him after a couple of weeks, and they even sleep together. However we would recommend that she be adopted as an only cat without that being a necessity for her to be adopted. For more info about this elegant, fluffy and cuddly cat click the pink Contact button below.