A beautiful tri-colored cat looking at us from a shelf.
February 4, 2019
A black and white cat in a carrying case waiting to go to the vet to be spayed.
Another record breaking World Spay Month!
March 4, 2019


A sweet, young tri-colored cat sits in a cardboard box.

Aria, a stray kitten, was found 8 months ago, hiding in a deserted square near Omonia. We couldn’t see her at first, but we could hear her ‘singing’. Following her voice, we tracked her down: a tiny terrified  kitten, not even two months old, all alone and painfully thin, with an infection in her mouth that meant she couldn’t eat. After treatment at the vet, she recovered fully, and is now a beautiful young lady, vaccinated, sterilised and in good health. She is very friendly with people and other cats. We don’t know how she would behave with dogs. She still ‘sings’ continuously, asking for love and attention, hence her operatic name. For more information about this young ‘opera star’ please contact us by clicking the pink Contact button below.