Casper, one of 3 adorable kittens for adoption, looks past us while his sibling lies in the background.
Three adorable kittens
August 3, 2020
A young tortoiseshell cat is licking her lips while sitting on a colourful bed sheet with a tulips pattern.
August 5, 2020


A young calico cat with a curious look on her face is looking back at us while standing next to a tree trunk.

Aphrodite is a young calico cat of just 10 months old. She was rescued from a central road in Athens where she was abandoned by relatives once her owner died. Thankfully, our volunteer rescued her before it was too late.

In the beginning, Aphrodite was in a very bad health condition, dehydrated and malnourished. To everyone’s relief, after all this time in foster care she has blossomed into a gorgeous girl. She is a very playful, full of energy, cat which is of course natural for her age. She adores climbing up the cat tree, playing with her mice and watching cat tv or to sit somewhere high and enjoy the window view. Our young calico cat is getting along with cats and dogs and would love a home which already has a pet (or more!) to play with. This young feline truly appreciates cat company, always trying to be the boss of course, but also loves playing with humans, as long as they are up for it. Otherwise, she won’t bother you and will sit close to you discreetly.. She loves treats and catnip toys and is a very confident cat who enjoys cuddles but only on her own terms.

She is healthy, vaccinated and dewormed while she has been tested negative for FIV FELV and is of course spayed. Aphrodite is meant to be an indoor only cat, therefore if there is outdoors access the space needs to be fully protected. If interested in our pretty calico, click the pink button below.