An adorable black and white kitten is bathing herself next to bowls full of dry and wet food, and is looking at us as if we are disturbing her grooming session.
August 12, 2019
A gorgeous golden tabby with big green eyes is lying on a brown patterned sheet and is looking straight into the camera.
Nala with the green eyes
August 14, 2019

Anabella and Zachos

A white cat with some black on her head sits next to an all back cat

Anabella and Zahos are 2 young cats for adoption. They met in their current foster home and have become best friends. Anabella, who is 1 year old, was found abandoned in a park while Zahos, about 1,5 years old, was found trapped in a store in the center of Athens, starving and crying for days before we could rescue him.

Anabella is the beautiful black and white cat and Zahos is the solid black one. Zahos was very timid at first but now, after all of the affection he has received (human and feline) he is a cuddly cutie. He is protective of the other cats in the foster home, acting as the patriarch.

Both kitties have been sterilized and have had their vaccinations. We would like for them to be adopted together. For more information click the pink button below.