Sandy and two of her kittens are posing for the camera.
Sandy and her kittens
June 24, 2022
A sleepy cat with white and grey fur is comfortably sitting on a bed with orange bedsheets.
July 8, 2022

An abandoned cat named Lolita

An abandoned cat of stunning beauty is looking to us with great confidence.

Lolita, an abandoned cat, was waiting by the dumpster near some garbage cans. She was standing still, looking sad, like she was trying to understand what had happened to her. We took her in our arms to take her home and immediately she started purring. A cat of extraordinary beauty, she is very neat and smells very clean. We took her to the vet and it turned out she didn’t have an electronic chip and was not neutered. We put up flyers and also posted on different FB groups but had no response from any owner. We’ve had her neutered and treated for bugs. Lolita is one of the most human-centered cats we have ever come across. She always wants to be hugged and keeps kneading with her little paws. She likes food and especially pate. Though she is calm she also has a strong personality and will show what she likes or doesn’t like! She is not that fond of the company of other cats and only lately she has started showing signs of tolerance of their presence. Lolita is about 1 year old and eagerly waits the person that will offer her the life she deserves! If you’d like more info about this friendly, gorgeous cat click the pink Contact button below.