A silvery long-haired cat posing for the camera while standing on a red blanket.
July 3, 2021
One white-tabby and a younger tortie, two bonded kittens for adoption, are sitting next to each other while looking back at us.
Lily and Nanoulis, two bonded kittens!
July 21, 2021

Ameli: a beautiful, female long-haired cat

This is a beautiful female long-haired cat sitting on a tiled floor and looking up at us

Ameli is a beautiful, female long-haired cat. Her story begins during the first lock down here. We were doing TNR (trap, neuter, release) in the Monastiraki and Thiseio areas while all the stores and restaurants were closed. One day in January we found this gorgeous feline. She was about 6 months old then and due to the Covid 19 lockdown she had never had human contact. We found her around the ruins of the Agora and the church Ag. Philipos. 

We trapped her and then had her neutered, but because she was so gorgeous we couldn’t bring ourselves to return her back to Monastiraki. Instead, we found a foster home for her. At first she was quite apprehensive and fearful with people but slowly she became friends with her foster mom. She gets along with other cats, she likes to be stroked and loves to play with her toys and with the other cats. And she adores food! One of her favorite activities is to watch the birds from the window. 

Ameli is spayed and  parasite-free. She is looking for a forever home with someone to love and care for her and where she can stay indoors. Please click on the pink Contact button below for more information about this beauty.