Former member of a cat colony basks in the sun in her adopted home
August 13, 2017
Glykas, a former stray cat, relaxes by lying on his backin his adoptive home.
August 13, 2017


Amal, a former stray cat, sits by the window

Amal was a stray cat found wandering the streets of Athens, hiding under cars and searching desperately for food.

“Amal is a crazy, restless kitten, who was introduced to me as a perfect friend for Kika (3-4 years old, pelvis broken when found), as she is very sociable. Amal came, Amal conquered, Amal took over the house!  Non-stop playing; non-stop hunting whatever is able to be hunted and non-stop eating or begging for food. With her fearless charm of, “The world is mine and there is nothing to worry about”, she “overruled” my quiet cat Kika, who suddenly had action in her life. Amal is non-stop playing with her (if she wants or not) and on the other side, she gives Kika the consciousness she never had. Amal is a crazy little lioness – who perfectly matches with us!”

— Mareike, Amal’s adopter