A beautiful male cat with orange and white fur lounging on his back in a deep sleep
March 26, 2020
A dark, beautiful fluffy cat lying on a blanket
April 3, 2020


A cute kitten with wonderful orange eyes is lying on a fluffy blanket looking into the camera.

Aimilios is a cute kitten that was spotted lying in the middle of a busy street. There he was, a tiny flufball, scared and dehydrated, waiting for his demise. Thankfully our volunteer spotted him and moved him to safety.

He is now 6 months old, currently in foster care. He is healthy, neutered and free of parasites. Aimilios has a very calm and loving personality. He gets along with everyone, cats, dogs and kids. He loves humans and enjoys sleeping in the arms of his foster mom, purring all night long.

This cute kitten will make a great companion for any family. He must be kept strictly indoors, unless the outdoors space is protected with a fence or a net. If interested in this adorable cute kitten please click the pink button below.