An adorable black and white cat is looking into the camera while lying on a wooden floor.
A collector’s case
December 29, 2019
An orange male cat with green eyes lies on a bed with a human tenderly petting him
January 4, 2020

A blind ginger, Isidoros

A sweet bling ginger kitten is rolled up in someone's hands while sitting on a purple pillow.

Isidoros is a blind ginger kitten with silky fur. He was found skin and bones on the street. This poor baby must have been in a great deal of pain until our volunteer rescued him. Unfortunately our vets decided his eyes couldn’t be saved. He needed to grow stronger in order to undergo surgery, as he only weighted 270gr at first. Our vets kept him safe, stroked him gently and fed him until he was ready. The operation to extract his eyes was very successful. This sweet blind ginger kitten is now free of pain but can see perfectly with the eyes of his heart.

His colours are warm as the autumn sun and the moment he hears his name he starts purring. His eyes are two beautiful brush strokes; Being blind doesn’t stop him from moving with confidence and charming everyone at the vet’s clinic where he lives. He is the absolute favorite of the personnel and of the clients.

Isidoros loves soft, fluffy cushions with bright colours. We believe he can feel all colours. He shines bright like the sun, let him shine upon your life! If interested in this adorable blind ginger kitten, contact us by clicking the pink button or send us an email at [email protected]