Two kittens, one grey and white, the other black & white held on a person's lap
Paloma & Nanaki
November 3, 2019
A female cat for adoption snuggled up to her foster mom
November 30, 2019

9 reasons to adopt from Nine Lives: an adopter’s perspective

A tabby and white cat with green eyes is lying on a bed with a brown cover.

A very contented Lily at her home in the UK.

Here are 9 reasons to adopt from Nine Lives. We adopted Lily in late July after finding Nine Lives Greece on a google search. We saw Lily’s picture online and fell in love straight away. The process of adopting Lily from Greece to England was made so much easier because of Nine Lives.

  1. They have so many amazing cats that need help – Nine Lives have so many beautiful and lovely cats that need a happy and forever home. You can look at all of these on their Instagram, website or Facebook!
  2. They help to guide people to find the right cat for you – Nine Lives were hands on in their approach to finding us the perfect cat. They took our lifestyle factors, like where we lived and how often we were out, into consideration to make sure that we found the right match.
  3. They help home cats, no matter their needs – some UK charities – understandably – can’t take certain cats into their care for various reasons, for example FIV+ can spread and for shelters this can be a problem. Nine Lives are able to help cats no matter their needs, from FIV+ to physical disabilities.
  4. They connect you with foster carers – Ana, our cat’s foster carer, was absolutely amazing and spoke to us from the beginning of our adoption process and is still in touch today.
  5. They send pictures videos and information – we were sent photos, videos, and all the information we could possibly need about our cat. They really went above and beyond.
  6. Adopting a rescue cat from Nine Lives is quite affordable – certain medical costs are covered and the travel costs may not be as high as you think, but of course as a charity every extra penny one can donate goes a long way towards helping other cats still on the streets.
  7. All money goes towards helping cats on the streets of Athens. Nine Lives finds ways to raise money in order to help stray cats through feeding, neutering and adoptions. They do a brilliant job and need financial support to be able to continue doing it.
  8. They’re friendly and easy to talk too! We’ve never once had an issue with Nine Lives and we are still in touch now. They are approachable and supportive and really care about each cat they are helping.
  9. We couldn’t be happier! We are so happy with our cat, Lily. Lily has a broken paw that has healed the wrong way. We live in a busy street in Brighton, England, so wanted an indoor cat. Lily needed lots of patience and love from us. She spent the first two weeks under our bed, but now, three months in, she is the cuddliest and cutest cat! Lily sleeps with us, loves to play, she is really vocal and has brought us so much joy. We are so happy that we adopted Lily, and couldn’t have done so without Nine Lives.