A tabby and white cat standing on a wall with a fence
Crooked Face: An obituary – March 2019
March 23, 2019
A young calico with black, golden, white fur and green eyes is looking at us while lying on a blue fleece pillow.
April 13, 2019


A calico kitten whose orange eyes match her fur lies on a couch.

Little Olivia is a kitten looking for a home. She was found a short while ago trapped in an underground garage, crying and starving. She was wearing a collar, and was terrified of the outside, which meant she had been raised as a house kitten. Nevertheless, we could not locate her owners, even though we tried through posters and notifications. Perhaps she had run away accidentally, or perhaps she had been abandoned. She is approximately 6 months old, house trained, very playful and coquettish, an innocent loving soul who craves human interaction and caresses. She gets along perfectly with other pets, including dogs. She is neutered, parasite-free inside and out, and will be given to to a responsible owner with a microchip and her shots completed. For more information about this sweet little girl, please click the pink Contact button below.