The cutest cat imaginable even with an eye missing, is playing with a toy.
January 26, 2019
A beautiful tri-colored cat looking at us from a shelf.
February 4, 2019


A pretty young cat, white with some tabby markings, sitting on a table with a red wall in the background.

Giorgina, an abandoned cat, was found two months ago in an area of Athens that is dangerous for cats as it is full of dogs and cars. She was wounded in the leg and had problems walking. Today she is very healthy and about one year old. She has been vaccinated and spayed. An extremely friendly cat, she is tender with people but aggressive with other cats; perhaps she was used to being the only pet before she was thrown into the street. We don’t know how she might react with dogs or children.

Ideally she should be an indoor cat where there are no children or other animals. If the home has a balcony, it should be fenced in. For more information about Giorgina, please click the Contact button below.