There are many ways in which you can help us to help the stray cats. If you’re based in Athens, you could become one of the valuable members of our stray cat feeding team (all you need to spare is approximately 2 hours once per week, for a nice stroll around picturesque areas of Athens, being greeted by ‘our’ healthy friendly colonies of cats; the food, introductions and feeding map are provided by Nine Lives!).


If you have a car, would you be willing to help us transport cats to and from the vet? Even if you could only spare one morning a month, it would make a world of difference to us, as most of us don’t have cars and are struggling with upset cats in traps on public transport or on foot!


Do you have a exhibitionist streak?! If so, we’d welcome your help at our fundraising sales, arranging the displays to look irresistible. Or your assistance in heaving boxes of goods back and forth from the bazaars! Is baking your hobby? Would you be kind enough to make and donate a cake for us to sell at our next fundraiser? Or perhaps you’ve got computer skills or literary talent, in which case we’d love your assistance in creating eyecatching posters for the bazaars and for kittens needing homes!