By far the happiest part of our work is when we find loving homes for cats in need. At certain times of the year, we are inundated with newly dumped kittens that desperately need homes because they would not otherwise survive on the streets. But we also have more mature cats that are looking for Mr and/or Mrs Right to adopt them. The summer months are particularly busy as lots of cats and kittens are abandoned while people take their summer holidays; these cats are especially vulnerable and have little chance of surviving on their own. Some are older, getting less nimble on their feet and less able to cope with cold nights perched in trees or hiding under cars. Others are in the prime of life: healthy and cuddly, but not streetwise enough to survive. Cats are featured on the Adoptions page of our website, and on our Nine Lives Adoptions community page on Facebook, and there are always more looking for a warm bed and a family to call their own. We cherish them all and provide them with as much attention and protection as we can, but dream of finding them all the loving homes they deserve.