Interested in adopting a cat from Nine Lives? Wonderful! Thank you for offering a stray kitty in need a loving home! We always know of many, many cats and kittens rescued from abject circumstances or near-death situations who need caring, permanent homes; some are in our own homes or foster homes or colonies we take care of, but we are also sent numerous ads by other people and groups who have found cats or kittens that need homes. So we have a multitude for you to choose from to find the best match for your home and living situation. You can find details of many of the cats and kittens currently looking for homes on the Adoptions page of our website and on our Facebook page Nine Lives Adoptions, but we can also email you a fuller, more up-to-date list, or details on specific cats or kittens.


We always like to talk to you to get a full picture of your needs and expectations concerning a kitty, and to discuss with you about important issues like neutering, holiday arrangements and safe balconies. Wherever possible, we bring the cat or kitten to you, so as to do a home visit and check at the same time, and to be on scene to help with settling the kitty into its new home. We also ask you to sign an adoption form, verifying that you will take good care of the cat, that you will get it neutered when old enough (if not already done) and that, if for some reason you are no longer able to keep the cat, you contact us immediately so that together we can make a responsible plan for the cat’s future.