(Found as a kitten in a garden in Vari; moved with Nine Lives volunteer Sue from Greece to the UK)

"Jasmine is a godsend. I get all my strength from her, thank you so much for bringing her into my life! She is shy but sociable to those she knows and loves, and enjoys nothing more than relaxing by the radiators in winter and playing and munching on grass in the garden in summer. Like me, though, she definitely misses the Greek weather!"

--Volunteer Sue who adopted Jasmine


(Abandoned as young adults in a central Athens park, cared for by Nine Lives for four years before finally finding a home together!)

"The Girls have settled in really well. They are totally at home both in and out of doors, though Helena is more of a house girl than Katarina, who is a watcher of TV wildlife programmes.

They have totally won our hearts and we are wrapped round their paws!"

--Robin & Jane, the adopters of Katarina & Helena


(We found this gorgeous blonde kitten alone under a lorry on a main street of northern Athens. Here is the latest news from Niko & Emmanouela, who adopted her as company for their gentle giant 9-year-old (neutered) male cat, Foufle).

“Never a dull moment at home! Little Svoura [it means ‘whirligig’] only stops playing and running for a quick nap here and there, then she's at it again. She climbs all over poor Foufle, then she hangs from his neck, then she tries to bite anything that moves and most of the things that don't. She's a little devil! We absolutely love her, and Saint Foufle lets her do her thing without protesting; just a little slap around the head now and then. But she's indestructible! She eats all her food, and she loves to join us whilst one of us has a shower. She loves the water. Both cats sleep with us at night - until further notice!”

--Nikos & Emmanouela who adopted Svoura 








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(Vasilakis/Blackie was found as a kitten-cat abandoned at a cafe in a central Athens park; he seemed to have been badly kicked by someone, as we found him one day with a displaced and shattered hip bone.)

“Blackie (formerly Vasilakis) lights up my life! I can’t wait to get home every day and see my beautiful golden-eyed boy. He’s a small chap with sleek black fur and a squeaky miaow who charms EVERYONE he meets, especially my mother who came over from England to take care of him when I went away. She’s officially besotted!! We had another cat previously and he and Blackie were embroiled in a fine ‘bromance’. Tragically, he fell gravely ill and died; through everything, his little black companion used to groom and cuddle him.

Blackie loves chatting (we have had rather lengthy conversations about this and that) and he’s particularly partial to tuna flakes, running around like a maniac, chasing skirts and swiping pony-tails. But his greatest love is shoes. He plays on and in them, and just can’t keep away from them! He truly is the Carrie Bradshaw of the cat world. I wouldn’t be without him for anything!”

--Katharine who adopted Vasilakis/Blackie