Introducing Charlotte Chaplin: A beautiful, unusual 4-month-old kitten with the neat moustache and turned-out toes of Chaplin, but the lithe, long limbs of a dancer. She is very sociable and affectionate, and has boundless energy for playtime, so she would love a home with other cats (and/or cat-friendly dog) to play with. She is in great health, has had her antiparasite treatment and vaccination, and will soon be spayed.

How could someone watch this gorgeous creature, who was born to lounge on a couch and receive kisses; who ignores food and instead begs for caresses; who is the kindest, gentlest, most communicative, most loving cat in all the neighborhood; who is a fabulous long-haired Cupid clothed in fur of sunshine and with eyes the color of ice; who is pure adoration in feline form, live on the street, exposed to every kind of danger, or scorching/freezing weather, his silken fur matted and knotted with burrs?

Ftou (black and white) was found under a volunteer's apartment running and hiding among parked cars. He is friendly, outgoing and energetic, sometimes he acts like a dog chasing a ball and carrying it in his mouth. He has been fostered together with another kitten, Victor (ginger tabby with huge paws) and they act like brothers. They play with each other, clean each other, chase each other and sleep next to each other. In other words, they are inseparable and we would like them to be adopted together.

2 month-old Orsino was discovered meowing piteously one night under a car parked on one of the busiest streets in Pangrati. His hind leg showed a freshly-healed wound, which was probably the reason he was separated from his mother. Initially this tiny furball with the sad, eloquent eyes was very scared and wary, but soon he showed his friendly, purring, sociable character, and now he is getting along fine with both humans and cats in his foster care.

Victor, (ginger tabby with the huge paws) was found near the exit of a metro station hiding and screaming in the bushes. He was full of fleas and extremely dirty, almost grey instead of ginger, so he must have been hiding in a car engine before he went to the bushes. Ftou (black and white) was found a couple of days later under a volunteer's apartment running and hiding among parked cars. They have been fostered together ever since and they act like brothers.

My name is Holmes, Beba Holmes! After thorough investigation I found the perfect place to hide and wait for cat addicted people to rescue me. I was hiding under the wooden floor of a cafeteria when a gorgeous blonde noticed me and informed the crazy cat girl who is writing this ad on my behalf. She soon arrived with a trap but I decided to leave them waiting and I did not get in during their first attempt. The second time, I felt pity as they were begging me so I decided to do them the favour.

I'm Daphne. I was with my brother, somewhere in the center of Athens, when we were found in very bad condition. We both had skin problems and I also had no vision in one of my eyes - the vets still don't know if it can be saved. If I stayed on the streets, it would not be easy for me to survive. But now I am here and I have a lot of appetite for life but also a huge need for tenderness. I am a very beautiful and affectionate girl, almost 2,5 months old and absolutely healthy.

Rebel … with a cause! Yes, that is my name: Rebel. That's because the lady who found me hiding behind a dumpster, shivering with fear and hunger, said that I was yelling so loudly it was impossible to ignore my rebel yells. I was probably abandoned by my mom, but this lady took me to a vet where I stayed while getting treatment for my eye infection and my respiratory condition that almost killed me.

Hello everybody, I'm Paris and I was given this name for a reason. As you will see, I am very handsome but I am not only that. I am also a very good character. They call me bug because I like to play a lot with people but also with other kittens, whose ears and tails I love to pull. I also like caresses and hugs. My story is that I was thrown somewhere in the center of Athens and I really didn't know what to do.

Fonzie and Gonzo, along with their siblings, were found by Nine Lives volunteers abandoned in a park on a cold May day. Their little sister unfortunately did not survive, their other two siblings were luckily adopted abroad and now these two adorable boys have only each other in the whole wide world: they took their fungus treatment together, they eat together, play joyously together, curl up for sleep together, and lick one another affectionately. They are incredible characters, whip-smart, friendly, vivacious and tireless purring machines.