Leonardo was found in Gyzi when he was about 14 days old. He was bottle fed and grew to become the first cat that practices yoga so successfully while sleeping! He is extremely sociable, curious, playful and tender. He loves jumping on us in order to climb on the furniture more easily. He gets along very well with other cats and due to his active nature he would be happier if adopted with one of his friends or in a household with another pet.

Wolfie (blind) and Noir (one-eyed) were found next to the train tracks on the quays; they were hidden under some pallets to protect themselves. They are very tender and cute boys. They like to play and run, and when they are tired they fall asleep in your embrace. They are very sociable with all pets and people.

Atlanta was found thrown in a rubbish bin as a tiny kitten. That was three summers ago, and though she has grown into a beautiful, healthy, sweet, loving, cuddly girl, she is still hoping and waiting for her forever home. Could it be yours? Atlanta is spayed, vaccinated, free from parasites, and very affectionate with humans.

I'm Daphne. I was with my brother, somewhere in the center of Athens, when we were found in very bad condition. We both had skin problems and I also had no vision in one of my eyes - the vets still don't know if it can be saved. If I stayed on the streets, it would not be easy for me to survive. But now I am here and I have a lot of appetite for life but also a huge need for tenderness. I am a very beautiful and affectionate girl, almost 2,5 months old and absolutely healthy.

Stephanos was rescued from the street just moments before death, when just a few months old. He had ingested something toxic and was in a semi-coma which lasted for several days. While at the vet clinic getting critical care, they discovered that he was also missing two toes from his back leg foot, which makes him walk in a slightly different way from other cats. He has made a full recovery, with no lasting health issues.

Hello everybody, I'm Paris and I was given this name for a reason. As you will see, I am very handsome but I am not only that. I am also a very good character. They call me bug because I like to play a lot with people but also with other kittens, whose ears and tails I love to pull. I also like caresses and hugs. My story is that I was thrown somewhere in the center of Athens and I really didn't know what to do.

Nefeli was found during a TNR programme. When trapping her for spaying, volunteers saw that she was almost blind. Therefore, she was offered a place in a foster home. She can be an only cat or together with other cats and dogs either indoors or within a safe garden. Her right eye sees shadows. Her left eye is damaged but does not need extraction, according to the vet.

My name is Holmes, Beba Holmes! After thorough investigation I found the perfect place to hide and wait for cat addicted people to rescue me. I was hiding under the wooden floor of a cafeteria when a gorgeous blonde noticed me and informed the crazy cat girl who is writing this ad on my behalf. She soon arrived with a trap but I decided to leave them waiting and I did not get in during their first attempt. The second time, I felt pity as they were begging me so I decided to do them the favour.

This poor little soul we named Phaedon. Someone tied him up in a plastic bag and left hanging on the bars of a fence to die... Fortunately, a 'cat's best friend' (a dog), smelled the baby kitten in the bag and alerted his owner. This kind lady raised him with much love and bottle-fed him until he became the very cute and adorably funny and playful little boy he is now.

Nikolakis was a stray cat living in a central Athens square. One night three dogs attacked him. He was able to escape and remained hidden in an abandoned building. Later, a private security guard told us that Nikolakis had died. But we didn’t abandoned him - we had to see for ourselves. We found the keys to the building, entered, called his name, and there he was, alive, but just barely. We immediately took him to the vet but the doctor said that poor Nikolakis did not have much chance of surviving. It was impossible for us to accept that.