This lovely kitty was found with a badly injured leg on the streets of Athens. We took her to the vet where they found that the leg was broken. After over a month at the vet with her leg in a cast, it has now healed. In the meantime, Clara blossomed, revealing her very affectionate character to the vet and her visitors at the clinic, purring and kneading in her cage and hoping for caresses. We are really reluctant to return her to street life. She is 5 months old, spayed and treated against parasites.

Nikolakis was a stray cat living in a central Athens square. One night three dogs attacked him. He was able to escape and remained hidden in an abandoned building. Later, a private security guard told us that Nikolakis had died. But we didn’t abandoned him - we had to see for ourselves. We found the keys to the building, entered, called his name, and there he was, alive, but just barely. We immediately took him to the vet but the doctor said that poor Nikolakis did not have much chance of surviving. It was impossible for us to accept that.

A pretty kitten and a prettier moustache! Frida was found 3 weeks ago with a horrible eye infection. Time was of the essence with this condition so we trapped and rushed this beauty to the vet clinic. She has been on a treatment and thankfully her eye has been saved. A little white shadow, is the only mark left to remind us of the torture she's been through. She is a very affectionate and tender five month old girl, looking for a forever home. Frida will be spayed before we give her to whatever lucky family adopts her.

This kitten was abandoned, complete with her cage, bowls and toys, at a feeding place last August. We picked up the then-tiny kitten, and a kind volunteer offered to foster her short-term. It soon became clear that the kitten, Little Miss Sunshine, had neurological problems (ataxia or CH wobbly kitten syndrome), either due to a blow to the head or a virus from her mother, that caused various unusual behaviours: she wobbles, bobs her head up and down when eating, prefers to eat from the floor, does not/cannot jump, and - this is the difficult part - does not use the litter tray consistently.

Meet Chester (formerly Cyclops). This exuberant, loving, charming young boy grew up on a quiet street of Plaka, with various other feline friends. They are fed daily, and all neutered through Nine Lives. One day, though, Chester disappeared, and when he reappeared he was unable to put one hind leg on the ground. Xrays revealed two breaks, seemingly from a vicious kick or hit. Thanks to the generous support of Nine Lives friends around the world, his shattered leg was pinned into place at the vets and he is now fully recovered from surgery. We are reluctant to return him to his place, as his very sociable, confident and trusting personality could easily put him at risk of human harm again.

Lovely little Lolita has been the mascot of our street for the past 2 years, but the time has come to find a home for her as she has become adventurous and this could prove dangerous for her life because of her limited vision. Everyone loves Lolita and she is such an intelligent cat. She is three years old, spayed, vaccinated and very healthy and sociable with people and other cats.

He is called Zaharenios (Sugar-boy) for his irresistibly sweet nature. But life hasn't been a box of chocolates for this lovely young cat. His mother and siblings were killed by a poisoner, and Zaharenios was left all alone on the streets at just 4 months old. He was found by a local cat-lover who feeds him and has taken him to the vet to be neutered and vaccinated. But even though Zaharenios dearly wants to be friends with her cats, they don't want anything to do with him.

Haris & Panos were rescued from the yard of a hospital building where the employees were feeding them. Both of them are sociable and easy-going and get along well with other cats. Though they look almost identical, we can tell them apart because Haris has a sexy black 'goatee' on his chin. The two boys would love to be adopted together. They are good friends who play together and sleep next to each other. But we would also give them separately.