I found a cat that has been poisoned/hit by a car/attacked by dogs

If it is out of hours and your own vet is closed, try:

Pikermi 24-hr Veterinary Clinic: tel 210 603 80223

Paiania Attica Veterinary Hospital: tel 210 664 0552

Gerakas 24-hr Veterinary Clinic: tel 211 7005677


I need an animal ambulance

The Hellenic Animal Welfare Society, tel 210 602 0202, is the only organisation with an animal ambulance - try calling them, but because they tend only to be active in areas where they are working with the municipality, you are usually better off simply getting the animal to the vet yourself, if at all possible. 


I need information on municipal neutering programmes

Ring your local municipality

Athens Municipality (neutering programmes for stray dogs and cats): tel 210 323 9201-2

Hellenic Animal Welfare Society (neutering programmes around Athens): tel 210 602 0202


I need advice on neutering my cat or stray cats in my garden

Check out our info in FAQs and Neuter now or email us at ninelivesgreece@gmail.com


I need a trap to catch a feral cat for neutering

We can lend you a trap; email us at ninelivesgreece@gmail.com


I need a reasonably-priced vet to neuter stray cats

We use and recommend for reduced price neutering of stray cats: 

Christos Ktenas (in Nea Erithrea, tel 210 620 2150, for emergencies 6944 390 555)

Popi Marouli (in Kolonaki and Maroussi, tel 210 721 3109)

Eirini Ressou (in Nea Smyrni, tel 2109352444)

Konstantinos Papanikolaou (Katehaki, tel 210 698 3453)


My neighbours are threatening to poison my cats

File a report at your local police station. Poisoning companion animals is a criminal act under Greek law.


I have found a litter of stray kittens

If the kittens are with their mother and are in a place where they are safe from cars, dogs and poisoners, leave them where they are. Send out emails to your friends and contacts, as well as to Nine Lives, with photos and descriptions of the kittens, to tempt potential adopters.


If the kittens’ mother is not with them, and/or they are in a dangerous spot, gather them up in a box or cage and try to find a safe place where they can stay (at your vet, in a room of your house, in a foster home) until they find permanent homes. Send us an email with details, so that we can help you to spread the word. We may also be able to help you find a short-term foster home.


Unfortunately, we do not have an office or cattery where we can look after cats or kittens; even if we did, sadly the sheer numbers of stray and abandoned cats mean that it would be impossible to host them all. However, we try our best, given our very limited means.