We are just a handful of volunteers who dedicate our spare time to the stray cats, and we receive no state funding or assistance. In order to cover our considerable vet bills and food bills each month, we arrange regular fundraising events. Every two months, we organise a bazaar or book sale, selling second-hand donated items at bargain prices, and we also have regular parties and special themed events, with drinks and finger-food, or a dinner buffet, having fun, meeting like-minded people and, of course, raising much-needed funds for the stray cats. For information about our upcoming events, please see our Facebook page Nine Lives Greece.


We warmly welcome any donations of saleable items – books, clothes, jewellery, ornaments, DVDs, accessories - that you can spare for us to sell. And we very much look forward to seeing you and your friends at our next fundraiser, for some seasonal shopping at rockbottom prices!


We also offer a range of merchandise specially created for Nine Lives, including T-shirts, baby romper suits, keyrings, mugs, towels, handmade greetings cards and our annual calendar. More details and images can be found on our 'Shop for the Strays' page.