A calico kitten whose orange eyes match her fur lies on a couch.
April 6, 2019
A ginger tabby looking as though he'd like some pats.
April 17, 2019


A young calico with black, golden, white fur and green eyes is looking at us while lying on a blue fleece pillow.

Little Eartha, a young calico looking for a home, was rescued from a central avenue, minutes before getting hit by cars. She was in bad condition, with a severe upper respiratory problem and ringworm, but she was treated and flourished into a beautiful kitty! She is almost 5 months old and was recently spayed. Eartha is shy and needs time to trust people. The best way to gain her trust is through her belly, as she is crazy about food! Also, like every kitten, she loves to play. As she gets scared easily, we would prefer for the balconies to be secured in her new home. She is looking for people to love her and offer her a forever home, so that she won’t be in danger again!