Two young cats being fed at the site of major fires in Attica
After the inferno
November 11, 2018
A pure white cat and her sister, a tabby lying on a couch.
Princess & Lilly
January 14, 2019


An orange and white cat lying on a colorful cloth

Αlkis the cat is an innocent giant. He used to live on a little street and had lots of cuddles from the neighbours who called him Big Head because of his size. Two months ago he had a polyp deep in his ear. The operation to remove it was very difficult and risky. Alkis survived the operation but his head is a bit tilted. He loves to purr and is so sweet. We are afraid that if he goes back on the street he might not be able to react quickly in dangerous situations  such as escaping cars or dogs. He is very friendly with other cats, as he lived with them for years. Who is going to give a little nest to this lovely giant? If you are interested, please contact us by clicking on the pink button below.